Intros, Shout outs, and Self-promotion

Use this page to give a quick intro.  Tell me if you like my blog or even if you hate it.  Also, give your own blog a shout out, if you would like.  I would like to know what your blog is all about.  Let’s be good neighbors…


42 thoughts on “Intros, Shout outs, and Self-promotion

  1. Oooh…I’ll go first. My name is Josh. This is the most amazing blog that I have ever read! You can visit my blog by clicking refresh or simply by navigating the links at the top, left, right, or bottom of your screen. Enjoy folks.

    • No, thank you for stopping by and also checking out my artwork. Thanks!
      I agree with KC, great idea with this intro page. Nothing beats the “Legal MUMBOJUMBO” though! I think is the funniest thing I have ever read yet.
      I’ll definitely be coming back for more of your humor.

      • I’m glad that you liked the Legal speak. I actually had one of my posts plagiarized, so I tried to add a warning sign, but not sound too haughty. Every time one of my blogs get ripped off, I am forced to suffocate a kitten….well, it is a stuffed kitten, but it gets the point. OK, I’m lying about the kitten….

  2. I’m KC, the creator of The World According to Max here on WordPress. Like Josh, I adore a wry sense of humor and have my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. I also keep a blog where I can tell it like I feel it to anyone or no one and share my photos that make me happy. That one is aptly named The Sanity Ship is Sinking. I just started that one, so feel free to come show it some love.
    Thanks for popping by Max’s world. I’ll be stopping back by here, as well! Keep it up!

    • Welcome Aboard! Thanks for visiting. Great intro, that is exactly what I wanted to do with this page. Kind of a place to stand up and tell everyone about yourself and your blog. I enjoyed boarding the sanity ship, keep up the good work over there! I hope that you stop in often to check out new content. Thanks again KC, for visiting my blog and telling us about yourself.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the intro and the Sanity Ship. If you get a moment, stop by the other one. I can guarantee a giggle – maybe even two! I won’t miss a beat here, thanks to those groovy subscription buttons. 🙂 I love the intro page. Great idea!

  4. Hi Josh–first time visiting your blog, and I love it. Will definitely be back to check it out again. I came by to read your post for Microfiction Monday but don’t see it anywhere…but I’ll be back anyway.

  5. Josh! You got a cup of sugar I can borrow? Since we’re neighbors and all, y’know?

    RD Carter, here. And I love the idea of the neighborhood thing. In advance, I’m going to rip this off but I will indeed give proper credit and a great BIG shout-out to the Good twin. You rock!

    They do shout-outs in JAPAN? I thought it was only a hood thing. They got hoods in Japan? Seriously, I’d like to know.

    My blog is the anvil sings. It’s about being beat up by the industry and then they make you over into something marketable. Drop by. I love company. And you don’t evne have to call first, or anything.

    • I’m glad that you like this page. I thought that it would be a cool way of getting to know my online community. I enjoyed your blog and the tips that you give on blogging. Unfortunately, there are no ‘hoods’ in Japan. It makes for very boring evening news.

  6. Howdy Josh. haha I’ve had a laugh reading through a bit of your blog, you’ve got a great knack for humor mate. No doubt it comes very much in handy with your novel writing!
    This little spot on the web is a good source of inspiration for me. I have no bloody clue what I’m doing on here to be honest, just writing about stuff and writing about writing while I write other stuff that will hopefully be read by other people one day.
    Oh yes introductions. I’m Curt, and the blog is ‘The Crumpled Page’.
    It’s mostly a storage unit for all those thoughts far to profane to be of any use to anyone, especially anyone who reads the blog. Really I’m just writing whatever pops into my head in it to keep the writing skills sharp while I wrestle something I hope will one day be a novel of my own into submission. So far the novel has me in a nasty arm lock, the S ofa B.
    Good luck with the third kid on the way! You know what they say about the third kid…
    Cheers for now.

    • Curt. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the neighborhood. I dropped by your blog earlier. Good stuff going on over there. Looks like we are both using this medium to try and stay creatively sharp. I hope that you continue to visit. I will definitely be stopping by your neck of the woods again.

    • Thanks for stopping in! It is good to hear from others over here at the Good Twin. I enjoyed reading through your blog, so thanks for the link. Keep writing!

    • Thanks! I’m glad that you enjoyed the blog, but the pressure bomb that you just dropped on me will be a heavy burden…jk. Thanks for the comment and thanks again for the props.

  7. Found you on Freshly Pressed and you have a new fan. You got me at Jason Voorhees….hooked. So I added you to my blogroll. In fact, you are its only inhabitant as I’ve ust added the blogroll link today.

    I write a blog about the oddities found on Freecycle…open boxes of expired cereal, taxidermied animal heads, dirty jeans and the like. Profound stuff. Bunch of kooks there and I finally have good company.

  8. Hello Josh! I’m Lynx and I really love your sense of humor. I saw your post “Friday the 13th meets Cupcake Wars” on your blog at the WordPress Home Page and It got my attention. I really laughed too much reading some of your post and the thing about the “Legal Mumbojumbo” haha I’ll use it.. I’m still smiling..
    Ok I forgot.. Introductions..
    Well, I’m Lynx Orionis I’m Latin so my Blog is in Spanish. It name is “Artes Humanas” (Human Arts) and is mostly about My thoughts; Writters, Painters, Composers, sculptors and other noticeable artists with relations to art in general.
    I believe I ad some mistakes writting this. Sorry!
    I’ll added you to my blogroll, but my site it’s kind of new.
    Here is my link:

    Always, Lynx Orionis.

      • Now that I read what I wrote I can see that I really made mistakes! Sorry! Haha You dabble in Spanish as I dabble in English our better? Haha.. Thanks For Stopping By! Please leave a Comment.

  9. Hey There Neighbor Josh-

    I saw the Cupcake Wars last night and 30 minutes into the show thought, “what a big frackin’ waste of time!” But could I stop watching it? (ahem) No. Your recap of the show was much more entertaining (x10), so next time it’s on (OMG, do you think it will it continue?), I think I’ll just read your blog instead.

    My name is Kristina and I live down the street at Feel free to drop by anytime.

  10. CONGRATs on the Healthy Baby. Your site is pretty neat and I’m starting to think you have too much time on your hands.
    Speaking of having too much time on your hands… How’s your project coming along? You Know…
    Money can’t by happiness and I try use this as a guide in my direction. If money wasn’t the issue what would you be doing? I’ve made a few list of things I want to accomplish in my life but those are more of the “To Do’s” in life (makes me think of the Bucket list). Is average good enough? I am really comfortable with the thought of being average so long as I am at peace. Getting away and going someplace where nobody can touch you has a certain appeal for me. I can identify with the movie “Into the Wild”, there is a certain appeal to the vulnerability of nature. Doing it my way and being my own person without the pressures of society pointing me in a direction… I pick. There really is no difference right now and I don’t have to go off into the wild to feel freedom, I can do it right here and right now. I just need to be fearless around other people. I would like to be more macho and say I’m not afraid but I think in the basic form we “ALL” are afraid of the repercussions of not being our own person (a YES man, conformity, abiding by the rules) Some of the worlds greatest people stood up for their views/direction in some cases it even landed them in jail. Martin Luther kKing JR wrote one of the most profound literary works from a jail cell in Birmingham. Nelson Mandela, Shindler, Lincoln, Piccaso’s Gurnica… at the time, all of these people resisted the norm and followed their direction. Much like Forrest Gump running off and gaining followers along the way. Being genuine with yourself and others is key to finding what your looking for.

  11. Hi Josh,
    Thanks for stopping by my brand-new blog earlier. I am looking through yours…it’s pretty adorable. Hope that’s what you were going for. 🙂 (I read the tooth-fairy post.) Seriously, it’s good. I like it. Hope you’ll come by again…I’m trying to post at least twice a week, as the boys allow.
    See ya,

  12. Hi Josh,
    I just stumbled on your site while I was trying to start my own blog about my family. I have had my email address (r_goodtwin) for over 10 years so my first thought was The Good Twin. At first I was bummed when it was already taken but I spent a few minutes reading and you are hilarious!!! (yes 3 exclamation points)
    I love the “Name the Twin” and “The Tooth Fairy files Chapter 13” hits home as I am currently unemployed. Great stuff 🙂
    You have probably already done this but you should do a bit about the questions we receive like “How long have you been twins?” or “Do you look at each other in the morning to shave?”
    Thanks for letting me drop by for a great laugh and good luck with The Good Twin!
    Richard – born second.

    • Richard

      Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you enjoyed my blog. I have been very busy at work and sadly have been unable to write at all lately. On behalf of the management here at The Good Twin, I apologize that this name was already taken. What did you end up using as your blog’s name? Best of luck and Merry Christmas.


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