About Josh

That is me in the photograph to the left.  The beautiful lady sitting beside me is my wife.  The pandas are not real, as I understand they are a fearsome breed and not to be trifled with.  We currently live in Japan with our three children, Desire’, Kai, and Joel.  We also have a chihuahua back home who was displaced during our move overseas.  The chihuahua is squatting in Jacksonville with my Father-in-law.  Hopefully the dog bears no ill feelings towards me.

This blog is about life, as I see and experience it, and my attempts at becoming a better writer.  As far as the name of the blog; I could not think of anything imaginative, so I figured that I would take a cheap jab at my unfortunate twin brother.  Enjoy.


11 thoughts on “About Josh

  1. I always like to ask before I link a blog in my blogroll. Yours amuses me and I like to pass on that which entertains me to those who grace my blogs with their presence and precious moments of free time. So, that being said, mind if I link The Good Twin to the Sanity Ship and Max? If not, no problem and no hard feelings.

    • That would be awesome. Thanks for that. I will reciprocate, if you do not mind, and link the sanity ship. I enjoyed reading about your daughter. My wife and I are expecting our third child (so we are in for some more fun). It is amazing to hear some of the things that come out of their mouths.
      Thanks again.

  2. Absolutely! Thank you! Both links are on the intro page for you if needed. Good luck with that third child. Once you’re outnumbered as parents it’s a whole new ball game! Thanks for the link up. Hopefully we can help each other get our writing out there. Always fun to encourage another writer when you actually like what they write.

  3. wow, I didn’t think I needed to ask permission to add to my blogroll! I tend to add any blog that I find interesting and I want to follow… but, anyway, may i add you? 😉
    For tips to help you with that novel of yours, subscribe to David Farland’s Daily Kick, it will probably help! 🙂

    • Barb

      Thanks for adding me. No need to ask permission, it is always nice to get added. I enjoyed your blog as well. I’ll have to check out the daily kick. Do you have a link?

  4. Hi there,

    I hope you don’t mind but I have added you to my blog roll. That almost read ‘bog roll’ lol. Good thing I check these things before I post eh?

    Anyway, I like your stuff. Its rather amusing.

    Keep it up man. (I mean the good work… oh never mind)

    – M:-)

    • KC
      Things are going well. I have been on travel for a few months and unable to keep up with my blog. This coming year will be busy, but I hope to get back into the blogarena soon. Have a Merry Christmas!

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