I joined the e-reading bandwagon! I feel like a traitor, but it is still kind of cool…

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Today, in a moment of weakness, I broke down and took a left down E-reader Blvd.  I know folks; I have been a staunch defender of antiquity when it comes to traditional reading, but things have a way of changing.  They certainly do.  Sometimes necessity breeds that change, and so it was in my situation.

I have an extended business trip coming up soon and I really want to get a few good books under my belt while away from the family.  Books kind of make the time fly by just a little quicker, but I only have a limited amount of space,  so I find myself at an impasse:

Do I buy more books that take up a lot of room?


Do I acquire an e-reader?

You guessed it!  I went the e-reader route.  I am famously cheap, so purchasing a kindle, sony e-reader, nook, or i-pad is out of the question.  The next best thing is anything free, so I searched the web for a bargain.  I found exactly what I was looking for right here.  Amazon has a Kindle application for PCs that works very well (according to the demo), so I downloaded the app and began my electronic reading journey.

I know that a laptop is fairly large, but don’t blow holes into my decision just yet.  I don’t expect to lug around my HP every time I want to do some reading, rather I intend to use it as a platform for a quick read while taking a break from work.  I can minimize anything that I am working on and pop open a good book; all in the matter of two mouse clicks.  Pretty cool huh?  I think so.

I’ve already downloaded a couple of titles from amazon and I’m pretty excited to check them out.  They have an extensive collection ebooks for sale, not to mention, a broad array of free ebooks!  Goes well with my frugality.  I’ve also packed about four “old school” paper books into my bag for the trip and look forward to immersing myself into those beauties each night prior to bedtime.

Well, I better wrap this up.  I have some e-bookin’ to catch up on.  See you on the information superhighway!


10 thoughts on “I joined the e-reading bandwagon! I feel like a traitor, but it is still kind of cool…

  1. I still read my books with covers! Even when I travel- I carry them with me and I admit when you have 4 or 5 book in your purse an e-book seems tempting. But books on screen? I just don’t know… I think I’ll hold on to them for as long as I can! 🙂

    • I still read them too. I am just trying to adapt to my travel situation. ***GEEK ALERT*** I actually collect hard copy first editions of the books that I really like. I have a pretty cool collection of some really great books.

  2. Wow, that’s a big step. My wife has a Kindle and she loves it. She still buys some real books but she is a bus driver so the kindle lets her read during her lunch breaks without having to lug books around. I’m still stuck with paper books.

    It’s kinda like moving from film to digital camera, isn’t it?

  3. SWEET. When we went to England in July, I got a NOOK. Loaded up, like ten books, and I was set. Enjoyed it to no end on the 18 hour day of flying (layovers, etc….) Even uploaded a couple of my novels to read—was great fun.

    Love my Barnes and Noble Nook! Took me a while, though. Thought I was the last to get one. . . 🙂

    • The Nook looks like a pretty cool device. Depending on how this trip goes, I might have to buy an actual ereader instead of using the app on my laptop. You are definitely not the last to get one.

  4. Oh, boy. I don’t know. What if you’re on the beach, and you want to be able to dribble sand and condensation from your cold glass on your book? What if you need to write in the margins? Don’t you love walking into a bookstore and SMELLING the books? And seeing all those lovely covers, and flipping through all those lovely pages to get a sense of the whole story?
    Hmmm…I just don’t see me ever going this route. But I know lots of people who are.

    • I agree that books are far superior to their electronic cousins. I simply downloaded the kindle app for my PC due to travel space restrictions….I felt like a traitor every step of the way.

  5. I have to agree with Cathy, I do love the smell of unopened books. However, I have installed an app in my iphone that allowed me to read ebooks anytime and anywhere. I still buy books, but it dies help me kill time 🙂

    by the way, you have a great blog, i will put it in my reader!

  6. tee-hee… I have a few e-books too, now, both fiction and non-fiction (those are mostly free downloads)… all in PDF form! 😉 I print them out and read them the old way… I don’t have a laptop and reading on screen hurts my eyes anyway. This month I’ll review Cassandra Jade’s book, my first fiction e-book ever! 😀
    I was used to those sorts of e-books when I was doing research, at Project Guttenberg you can download for free some works out of copyrught, and usually I took the TXT version there. Cassandra’s PDF is something different, looks like a real book, except it’s printed out on bigger paper! 😉
    Happy e-reading!

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