Live every day like it’s Sharkweek!

My twin brother has put me on notice.  It seems that he is concerned with the negativity surrounding my most recent blog post involving rejection letters and the such.  I do not normally entertain requests, but he has asked that I shed some positive light onto my blog.  He went on to inform me that he nearly shot himself after reading my last post.  He posed the following question:  “Could you bear that loss on your conscience for the rest of your days?”  He also went on about one of his friends suffering through an unfortunate skin irritation, but I digress.

I pondered his thoughts of self extermination and his friend’s unsightly rash and I have decided that doom and gloom, indeed have their place, but some good cheer is in order.  Here are some things that are uplifting:

Rainbows, unicorns, sea lions, kittens, and sunshine.  I guess that I could also write a short story that is positive and inspirational, as well.  Perhaps it could contain the aforementioned uplifting subjects.  So here goes:

A young unicorn named Jezebel lived at the base of a rainbow.  Jezebel was the most beautiful unicorn in all of her realm.  She had a pet kitten, named Spanky that she loved dearly.  One day, Spanky was taking a stroll along the sandy beach, enjoying the sunshine, when she stumbled upon a sea lion that had been displaced during a hurricane.  The enormous waves had pushed the unlucky sea lion onto the beach, where it became stranded.  Always helpful, Spanky decided to call upon Jezebel to assist with getting the sea lion off of the beach and back into the open ocean.  Spanky closed her little kitten eyes and willed Jezebel by her side.  Jezebel appeared and Spanky began to explain the sad predicament of the displaced sea lion.  Together, Jezebel and Spanky ushered the poor creature from the beach to the ocean.  Noting that it was shark season, both Spanky and Jezebel donned protective chain-mail stockings to guard their furry legs against possible shark bites. As they waded deeper into the breaking surf, they began to feel forceful strikes against their well protected extremities.  Unfortunately for the sea lion, it was not wearing armor at all and was quickly devoured by a ravenous shark.  Happy that they would live to see another day, Spanky and Jezebel waded back towards the shore line where they ate cupcakes and listened to Dave Mathews albums.  THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS:  Live every day like it is sharkweek!

That should satisfy his requirements.  Most definitely uplifting.

Speaking of my twin; he has decided to take a hiatus from his blog, The Beer Ninja.  His blog is a short lived memoir of his experiences with obscure brews of beer.  Unfortunately, he has been drinking the same beer for three weeks now and has sworn his allegiance to this brand, scorning all others.  I will keep you updated of his progress.  Don’t worry folks, his liver is fine.  He is hardly a daily drinker.  I have that for gospel.

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