Keep the rejections coming….it’s better than nothing.

“Uh oh babe, I’ve got an email,” I told my wife over skype. I had just logged on to the internet and jumped into a video call with my lovely wife when a menacing little icon popped up on my screen:  ‘You’ve got mail’.   As I navigated between windows, I silently hoped that it would be a reply to one of my recent submissions. It was. In my inbox was an electronic mystery; it read:  Re: Submission.  My heartbeat began to pick up pace. I looked at the From line and instantly knew which story it concerned. I double clicked….”thank you for your submission of AAA to XXX. Although this piece did not get selected for submission….” No need to read any further. I switched windows back to the view of my patient and understanding wife.
“So?” she asked.
“Rejected,” I said, mimicking a sportscaster.
“That’s alright,” she said.
She was right. It is alright. I’m going to keep hoping and keep sending. Keep writing. I’m bound to get a YES one of these days.

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