Guilty Pleasures

I am currently reading “The Highwayman” by R.A. Salvatore.  I must admit that I am a closet fantasy fan.  I don’t really have a particular genre of book that I like to read more than others, but I seem to blaze through fantasy novels, like a cheetah in a flaming tank-top (odd similes are great…or just odd).  I purchased the aforementioned book on Saturday and I finished it up last night.  For me, that is quick.  Lightning quick.  I normally slog through books at a fairly slow pace, taking about three weeks to read an average length novel.  I’m not a slow reader; I simply enjoy digesting books little by little, a guilty pleasure.  The main reason behind my frenzied pace on this particular book was the attachment that I had for the unfortunate protagonist.  I like fantasy because anything is possible.  Quick thinking and “magic gemstones” can get you through some tough situations….I grabbed book two this afternoon on my walk back from an appointment.  Let’s see what the old magic gemstones have in store for us now…

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