After a few days of suffering through some serious writer’s block, I have finished my newest short story.  I was happy with the protagonist, the villain, and the setting, but the ending had me stumped.  I have tried to complete the story on three different occasions, but was unable to produce an ending.  Nothing….nada. 

I could not sleep last night (because I miss my wife…I am currently on travel), so I decided to take another crack at my story.  I pushed through until I got to around 2100 words.  I wrapped up the story, did some quick edits, and got the word count back down to around 1850.  I think that I like the ending.  I know what I am going for, but I worry that the reader will not.  Well, I guess that I’m going to let it rest in that ‘rough draft’ folder on my desktop until I am ready to read it again with unbiased eyes.  Wish me luck.

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