Revisions and bloglegging

I completed my second draft of The Doppelganger’s Pawn. I cut out most of the things that I felt unnecessary and I tried to connect some of the more obscure dots. I’m pretty happy with the backbone of the story, but I am going to have a few more looks at it before I call it complete. The word count dropped considerably with the second draft. Perhaps I can get it where I want it soon. When that day comes, I will send it out into the land of rejection notices, where the elusive acceptance letter is a creature hiding in the shadows.

I googled my story’s title “Doppelganger’s Pawn” today while I was bored. The mysterious google machine pointed me towards a splog site. When I clicked on the link, I was greeted by one of my recent blog posts, but rewritten, changing words and phrasing. I’m not quite sure what that is all about, as I am new to blogging, but I feel a little ripped off. I’ve been bootlegged, it seems.

Anyway, I am trying to push through a couple of “flash” fiction stories a week, just to stay creatively sharp. I’m focusing on putting words on paper without stopping for revision until the story is complete. What I usually end up with is a story that has gaps, cracks, scars, and a lot of room for revision and rewrites. I find that the more I write, the easier it is for ideas to flow from my brain to my keyboard. What type of things do you do to get the creative train chugging down the tracks?

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