The unruly stuffed parakeet was driving Donald mad….

I am working on a short story involving a trip to Latin America, a bout of Montezuma’s Revenge, a quirky sibling, and quite possibly a small stuffed parakeet that is possessed by the devil himself! I really like the main character, Donald. He is being persecuted by his former parakeet, Stanley. Stanley passed away during a trip that Donald had taken to Latin America and was subsequently “stuffed” by a taxidermist (this was the handy work of Donald’s skittish brother…he is a little off kilter and thought that the pet should be honored as a mantle piece). Donald is being put through the ringer by this sadistic stuffed bird. He is on his wit’s end and is quite possibly staring most directly into the eyes of insanity.

That is the basis of the short story. I am writing it in spurts. I have about 1200 words so far and am trying to piece together the narrative and come up with a satisfying ending. I will settle for a solid plot, but it is no fun having to work within the confines of literary “rules,” so I prefer to start each story with an interesting sentence or character and see what develops from there. For this reason, I have quite a lot of unfinished short stories. Perhaps I should reevaluate my process of writing. Until then, I am enjoying the devilish tomfoolery of a certain stuffed parakeet.

If you have any ideas for this story or any feedback, please feel free to let me know.

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