Holy smokes Batman

Really, I didn’t have anything to blog tonight, but here I am.  I was trying to think of a really cool title for a blog and came up with Holy Smokes Batman.  As far as content of said blog…I don’t know.  I just like the name.  I had a pretty interesting day today.  I called my twin and spoke to him for a few minutes, sharing some really good news with him.  He is doing well.  I have added his new blog to my blog roll….the beer ninja.  From what he explained, a beer ninja is someone at a party who sneaks up behind you and nabs your beverage!  Holy smokes!!!!  He has posted a review of some obscure beer, which likely caused him to suffer through an upset tummy.  He would be better suited as the Milk Ninja, but I digress (just kidding Jeremy).  I enjoyed his post and I look forward to reading his blog as he adds to it.  I remember when I first joined the navy, we would send stories back and forth via email.  The tall tales that we collaborated on would have the guys on my ship rolling with laughter.  Jeremy writes really well (I think so).  I fondly recall a story that involved the occult, a reckless hamster, a mermaid, and a young Sailor.  Well, I began working on a story tonight about a stuffed parakeet who is causing his owner all sorts of trouble.  I better turn in for the night, I’m getting sleepy.

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