My son has foreseen my demise!

Tonight my son happened to cruise into the living room while a commercial on television was showing off the new xbox 360.  It is sleek.  Beautiful.  Too bad he already has an older one that works.  He asked me if I would buy him one.  I declined, but counter offered that he save one dollar per day for four hundred days and then he could buy one for himself. I’m gonna chock the conversation that ensued up to the fact that my son just turned six and has a skewed sense of time.

“Dad, that would take a long time!”

“It sure would buddy.”

“You will be dead by then!”

“What?  Are you sure bud?  That is only 13 months from now.”

“I’m sure Dad.  Why don’t you just go ahead and buy it before you die so that we can play together.”

….I guess that is sound logic from a six year old.  Let’s hope that he is not clairvoyant.  Now I have to buy the new xbox.

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